“Live Well Now”
I believe we all want to be happy and that we have the power to do so even during the most challenging of times. It is my life’s purpose to create a world of empowerment with you. To help you discover the path to triumph over life’s challenges and experience being free.

Meet Sue

With the combined knowledge of an experienced professional, and the grit of someone who has been there too – I harness the two worlds of knowledge plus personal experience to create a space of understanding and a path for forward movement for my clients.

My Stress Management practice provides clients access to the methodologies that I have developed over 20 years of working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Wellness Coach. This unique approach to life coaching moves beyond the concepts one may discover employed by traditional life coaches.

I have extensive experience helping others overcome the impacts of stress and its relationship to the mind/body connection. Sessions are available in person, or by phone or Skype.

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Sue McDonald works with clients that are struggling with stresses from a wide range of life challenges and transitions that include:

  • Stress related to relationships
  • Retirement issues
  • Stress related to people pleasing and perfectionism
  • Stress from loss, due to death, divorce, health issues
  • Stress related health conditions
  • Lack of self care
  • Chronic anger and resentment
  • Balancing the demands of multiple roles ie: job, spouse, parents, volunteer, household, finding time for yourself
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I have been there too. For your individualized concerns, having someone in your court who understands the depth and breadth of life’s challenges and who has triumphed; brings an impassioned understanding and real life effectiveness to my Stress Management strategies.

Sue’s years of experience make her one of the premier coaches in Naples.

  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Master of Science, Mental Health Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

When Sue isn’t working one-on-one with her clientele, you can find her doing a variety of activities.  Her favorite ways of taking care of her body and mind are through healthy eating. relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation, crossfit, walking, bike riding, SUP and swimming.

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Stress Management coaching with Sue McDonald will empower you to see new possibilities and live the life you deserve.


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